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Food Service Equipment Products in New Orleans

productsContinental Equipment Company, LLC provides the New Orleans area with the largest selections of top-quality food service equipment (Sales) from all the leading manufacturers. We also lease ice machines for in-house or specialty services. Lease-to-purchase options are also available. All the products we supply and lease are backed by manufacturers’ warranties and competitively priced.

Miami Ice Machine Company, Inc., based in Miami, is our partner company.

Remote Beer Systems
Capable of dispensing COLD draft beer from central location in walk-in cooler to multiple tower locations.

Beer Fittings and Supplies
Large selection of beer fittings and supplies for all types of beer systems.

1 H.P. Glycol unit handles any size beer run.

Model BR36
Remote beer systems capable of dispensing COLD draft beer from walk-in cooler to dispensing area.

Tower Drain Pans
Large selection and variety of sizes of drain pans to accommodate draft towers.

Large assortment of draft beer towers with multiple faucets. Towers are designed for Glycol Remote Systems.

Remote Liquor Systems

Berg Company continues to be the leader in liquor dispensers, beer equipment and beverage dispensing systems for the hospitality industry and has been since 1982. This has been in part due to sales and support by our vast dealer network. Berg Company provides a wide variety of products to help reduce pouring costs.

All-Bottle 744 And 1544               
The completely self-contained All-Bottle 744 and All-Bottle 1544 liquor systems combine 30 years of beverage system design with the latest in micro-electronic technology. Free-pouring-style liquor dispensers provide for an unlimited number of brands when utilizing the Berg Company's patented and proven "All-Bottle" coded pourers. This additionally supports Berg's new FAST-POUR style speed pourers, which offer 15 price codes for greater pricing flexibility and/or specific brand control. The optional flow meters monitor most beverages, including beer, wine, soda and juice. Individual server/bartender sales accountability can be provided as an extension to your liquor system with the use of unique, programmable electronic keys, which are then required to activate liquor dispensing.

Brand I.D.             
All-Bottle Brand I.D. unparalleled liquor dispensing and inventory control in one system. Precise tracking of your pouring activity against total inventory. Identifying each pour by brand, portion size and price. Reassigning pourers to a different brand, at the pouring station, without a PC.

Laser Liquor Dispenser Gun and Control Unit      
Stylish, hand-held dispenser gun for fast, precise, no-splash portions with fingertip control. Flexible 36" stainless hose provides convenient reach in bar work area. Bar station control unit can be located up to 500 feet from liquor storage.

Tap 2 Beer Control System
Beer system that accurately meters or controls portions for beer, wine or margaritas. Advanced reporting through optional infinity software and POS interface.

Beer Dispensing Equipment, Refrigerator/Freezers, Sandwich Units/Under Counter Refrigerators & Freezers, Refrigerated Merchandisers, Deli Cases, Pizza Prep Tables

Beverage-Air is one of the largest suppliers of commercial refrigeration equipment for the food service industry. Established in 1944, their three facilities today manufacture the broadest commercial refrigeration product line in the industry. Beverage-Air headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina, contain administrative functions and an engineering department completely equipped for research and development, including state-of-the-art computer design systems. Brookville, Pennsylvania, the second of their facilities, builds our sandwich prep and pizza prep line, our school milk coolers and the beer-dispensing and beer-storage lines.

Countertop Merchandiser           
Space-saving design allows for placement in heavy traffic areas to increase impulse sales. It is available in both a front-opening and pass-thru model to fit any application. Custom-designed high-performance refrigeration system for cold product assurance.      
Deep-Well Beverage Coolers     
Deep-well beverage coolers from 50" long to 95" long.
Deli Display Cases             
Deli display case featuring gravity "Hi-Humidity" models for meat display. Forced-air models for sandwich display. There's a brushed-finish stainless-steel top and a slant-back E-Z load design with an extra deep deck display.
Direct-Draw Beer Equipment     
Heavy-duty stainless steel tops provided, as well as removable drip trays for easy cleaning. Self-closing doors with key locks. Comes with interior lighting and stainless-steel interior floors. 
Food Preparation – 27' Base Sandwich Unit W/Cutting Board
Offering an expanded work surface with a 17" cutting board. 4" deep pans of polycarbonate material that is standard along with 6" legs that is also standard. A lift-out refrigeration system is also standard, as well. 

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machines, Whipped Cream Machines, Batch Freezers, Pasteurizers & Daiquiri Machines

Batch Freezer Model LB-100      
Single-speed counter model for low volume requirements.
This compact batch freezer provides the same quality and durability of the larger models but fits on your counter. It will produce high­-quality ice creams, sorbets and much more; used by the best chefs in some of the finest restaurants in the country.           

Frozen Beverage Drink/Slush Machine Model UC-151   
This compact counter model produces great slush drinks and frozen cocktails. The large clear dispensing head provides a visually exciting and colorful display. The Hard-O-Matic consistency control results in a smooth, uniform drink. Use a neutral base with concentrated syrup flavoring for unlimited flavor selection or specialize in a single flavor for more uniformity and faster dispensing. Whether it’s frozen lemonade, apple cider or an exotic cocktail – you will create more interest and fun while earning big profits.           
Frozen Beverage Maker Model CBG        
This compact one-, two-, or three-bowl counter machine produces perfect slush, smoothies, frozen cocktails, iced cappuccino, cold drinks and much, much more. The large-capacity clear bowls, highlighting the colorful product together with the lighted top, provide an enticing attention-getter that encourages impulse sales. The Coldelite by Carpigiani name ensures quality, dependability and superiority.          

Frozen Custard Machine CU-820                
Coldelite’s family of custard models offers the ultimate in modern control while creating the best in old-fashioned frozen custard goodness! In the past, only large-volume operators could afford to produce custard because of the high cost of specialized frozen custard machines.

Coldelite's wide selection of models make it possible for even the smallest operator to produce great frozen custard at a fraction of the cost of other machines, yet offers models for the highest production needs. State-of-the-art technology makes these freezers simple and efficient to operate with greater flexibility.                 

The Pastochef is a miracle of modern electronics. Through the use of microprocessor technology and convenient, easy-to-use touchpad controls, the Pastochef can be programmed to automatically perform many different operations. Its main application is in the preparation of confectionary delights. Among its capabilities are: tempering of plain chocolate, milk chocolate and colored chocolate; production of confectioner’s custard for use as a filling in cakes, cream puffs, croissants, etc.; pouchee fruit (sugar-stewed fruit) with fruit whole or in chunks, for use in cakes, ice cream cups, etc.; fruit liqueur or chocolate Bavarian cream for use in sophisticated desserts; the preparation of ice cream mixes; etc.

Ice Machine Leasing

We lease all sizes of Kold-Draft ice machines and ice storage bins. Ask us about our lease prices!!!

Ice Machine

600-pound ice maker with a 550-pound storage bin.

Model ICE-0806
Modular ice machine, 800 lbs. per day, air- or water-cooled. 

Ice Machines

With Kold-Draft, you get the best – inside, outside and upside down. In 1955, Kold-Draft began producing automatic ice-cube machines using a unique horizontal evaporator to produce pure, clean, clear, hard fully formed ice cubes – every time.

Classic GB 450 Series Cuber         
The Classic GB 450 Series with a 310-pound storage bin produces 400 pounds of ice and fits under counters. Also, it's stackable with other Kold-Draft Cubers to increase daily ice-making capacities. 

Classic GB 650 Series Cuber 
The Classic 650 Series cuber produces 600 pounds of ice a day. This cuber also is stackable to increase capacities or add a T-250 crusher to add flexibility in ice size.       

Classic GB-1250 Series Cuber     
Our high-volume, very versatile Classic GB 1250 Series produces 1,200 pounds of ice a day. This efficient cuber is extremely durable, stackable and will fill all your ice needs.                  

Classic GT 300 and 500 Series Ice Makers
30" ice makers with productions from 300 lbs. to 500 lbs. per 24 hours, using 115 volts.

Walk-In Coolers

We will be updating our walk-in cooler products soon!

Miscellaneous Items

We carry a complete line of restaurant equipment and supplies. Everything from equipment to furniture – pizza ovens, refrigerator systems, and specialty restaurant and bar equipment. If you don't see it on our site, call us – we will most likely have whatever you are looking for. Remember, "Anything cold is our specialty … but we do it all."

Air Curtains        
Cool Curtain, ClearVu Swing Doors, ClearVu Impact Doors, ClearVu Strips            .

Anti-Fatigue Mats            

Back Bar Coolers                
48" to 95" long glass or solid doors available.

Bake/Roast Ovens            
Bar Equipment 
Stainless-steel under-bar sinks and cocktail units.

We specialize in the following services and products:

  • Beer
  • Ice machine
  • Walk-in cooler
  • In-stock beverage air
  • Ice cream machines
  • Refrigeration